4th Stimulus Check 2022 – Deadlines for summer bonus payments giving Americans up to $1,200

LUCKY Americans can get extra money in summer payment programs, but some have fast approaching deadlines.

For example, under Ithaca’s Guaranteed Income Program in New York, payments worth $450 are expected to be made to 110 residents for a total of 12 months.

The payments are intended for caregivers, including parents, and payments are expected to start rolling out in June via prepaid debit cards, as reported by The Ithaca Voice.

Meanwhile, eligible Chicago, Illinois residents can apply for $50 and $100 worth of transit and gas card funds each month.

The deadline to apply for these benefits is June 1 for monthly payments.

Finally, any Indiana taxpayer who filed their 2020 taxes by January 3, 2022 is eligible for a payment of at least $125, with eligible married couples receiving up to $250. Paper check refunds are expected to be issued in July or August.

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  • $100 million homeownership program opens June 1

    The program, known as the Hometown Heroes Housing Program, will launch on June 1.

    The news came from Florida Governor DeSantis on May 23.

    The program will make it easier for essential workers, including police, firefighters and nurses, to buy homes in their communities.

  • First-time buyer credit

    The Biden administration is hoping to bring relief to first-time home buyers, although nothing has happened yet.

    The pending plan is known as the First-Time Homebuyer Act of 2021.

    The bill would give first-time home buyers up to $15,000 in refundable federal tax credits.

  • What Americans Used for Stimulus Checks, Part Two

    The next round of stimulus worth $600 was a little different.

    According to Forbes, most Americans have chosen to save for retirement or to deal with their debts.

    Only 20% planned to use their second round for essential expenses, such as food and housing.

  • What Americans used for stimulus checks

    The pandemic has caused financial pain and uncertainty for millions of American families.

    According to Forbes, Americans used or planned to use 75% of their first stimulus payment to cover household expenses.

    The first stimulus payment was worth $1,200.

  • The deadline has arrived to claim Colorado’s refund

    Colorado taxpayers have the rest of the day to claim their refunds.

    Checks will be sent to those who file their state taxes by May 31.

    The program, endorsed by Governor Jared Polis, is known as Colorado Cashback.

    The governor said 3.1 million residents would be eligible.

    Individuals will receive $400, while couples will receive $800.

  • Study finds Americans struggling financially

    According to CNBC, if an event like the pandemic “were to happen today, many people would still be struggling financially.”

    The Bipartisan Policy Center, the Funding Our Future group, and Morning Consult conducted a new survey, which yielded these results.

    Considering that these government-issued direct transfers have all but disappeared, the survey found that 42% of American workers are very or somewhat financially insecure.

  • Deadline for $500 transit passes is June 1

    Chicago commuters may qualify for $500 transit passes.

    The cards, approved by Mayor Lightfoot, will be distributed on June 3, July 3, August 3 and September 3, 2022.

    To be included in the monthly lottery, residents must submit their information by tomorrow, June 1.

    There are three ways to apply.

    By the end of the summer, more than 100,000 Chicago residents will have benefited from the program.

  • The Chicago Moves program, continued

    To receive a $150 gas card, Chicago residents must demonstrate they need it.

    To qualify, residents must live in Chicago full-time, be 18 or older, and have a household income at or below 140% of the area’s median income.

    The cards will be distributed each month from May to September.

    The lottery will take place the second week of each month.

    To be considered for each month’s lottery, applications must be submitted by the first day of that month.

    The next deadline is tomorrow, June 1st.

  • What is the Chicago Moves program?

    Chicago Moves is a financial assistance program that helps Chicago residents with transportation costs.

    In 2022, Chicago Moves will issue up to 50,000 $150 prepaid gas cards and 100,000 $50 prepaid transit cards.

    Travel cards can be used to purchase travel tickets at Ventra vending machines at CTA stations.

    Gas cards can be applied at any gas station within Chicago city limits.

    The cards will be distributed each month from May to September.

  • Possible tax refund in Virginia

    Later this year, Virginia residents will likely get tax abatements, as local outlet WAVY-10 reports.

    The General Assembly plans to offer a refund to eligible Virginians.

    The exact amount has yet to be announced, but delegate Roxann Robinson said the state has received a lot of funding over the past year.

    “We want to have the biggest tax refund in Virginia history,” Governor Glenn Youngkin said.

    “All of these tax cuts are designed to help Virginians who need it most, to lower our cost of living, to allow Virginia to compete with the states around us that are lowering their tax burden while we are sitting here and having lunch.”

  • Newark, NJ providing payments, continued

    Newark Mayor Ras J Baraka said, “At a time when our city still faces the challenges of COVID-19 and its economic impact, the biggest and most important institution we should invest in is family.

    “This will give our residents a much-needed boost and enable them to participate in the economy, regain their economic independence and strength, and move forward towards prosperity.

    “This type of intervention can support our economy and our future.”

  • Newark, NJ providing additional payments

    An expansion of Newark’s Guaranteed Income pilot program means 400 residents will receive payments totaling $12,000 over two years.

    Half of the participants in the program will receive $250 every two weeks.

    Other recipients will pocket two installments of $3,000 each year.

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