Cuesta Measure L’s bond committee publishes its annual report

Above: New entrance loop at the entrance to Center Campus in North County Campus parking lot 10.

Measure L authorized funding for new construction projects, needed repairs and upgrades at Cuesta College

– Measure L’s Citizenship Duty Oversight Committee released its 2021 Annual Report, which was reviewed and accepted by the San Luis Obispo County Community College Board of Trustees at its May 2022 meeting. Measure L is a $275 million general bond passed by San Luis Obispo County voters in November 2014 that authorizes funding for new construction projects, necessary repairs and upgrades to Cuesta College.

The Oversight Committee is an independent group of community members established in 2015 to review Measure L financial reports and inform the public regarding expenditures of San Luis Obispo Community College District bond proceeds. Under the California Education Code, the oversight committee must submit an annual written report that includes a statement of whether the district is complying with the requirements of the California Constitution and a summary of the committee’s deliberations and activities for the previous year.

The committee reviewed the independent auditor’s report for the general obligation bond financial statements and a performance audit report for the year ending June 30, 2021. The committee concluded that “the college district Community of San Luis Obispo County has correctly accounted for expenditures held in the General Obligation Bond Fund (Measure L) and that these expenditures were made for authorized bond projects.

“The annual report lists many completed and ongoing projects using bond financing,” said Oversight Committee Chairman Gilbert H. Stork. “The projects have been essential for the San Luis Obispo and North County campuses, and the results are outstanding.”

Recently completed projects include the Early Childhood Education Center and a new entrance plaza and flagpole on the North County campus, roofing, HVAC, technology upgrades, replacement of switchgear, signage and wayfinding on the San Luis Obispo campus. Upcoming bond projects include a new 34,000 square foot campus center on the San Luis Obispo campus, with construction expected to begin in the spring of 2023.

“Cuesta College continues to support student success through improved facilities in the district, increasing our ability to provide a safe and modern learning environment for all students,” said Cuesta College Superintendent/President , Jill Stearns.

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