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Dubuque County Hospital Sunnycrest Mansion FY23 Budget Public Hearing Minutes: March 11, 2022 Members Present: J. Becker, K. Stevens, N. Webster, S. Frick, S. Frank, and D. Dolter Ms. Frank called the meeting of the Board of Trustees on order at 10:30 am. No member of the public was present. The meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m. Monthly Board Meeting Minutes: Friday, March 11, 2022 Members Present: J. Becker, K. Stevens, N. Webster, S. Frick, S. Frank and D. Dolter Staff Present: D. Ettema, E. Gosche and J Henry Ms. Frank called the Board meeting to order at 10:45 a.m. Mr. Stevens and Ms. Frick moved a motion to approve the February 14, 2022 Board minutes. The motion carried unanimously. Serviceability-Review Mr. Henry gave the following report: • New Ice Maker was installed in Deerwood/River Bluff. • 3rd floor residents have been moved beds, chests of drawers, personal items of residents’ personal items that cannot be put in new places have been stored. • All call lights, toilets and sinks, towels, wireless internet have been removed and the rooms have had the water turned off. All items that need to be used in the course have been stored in a safe mansion. • Drainage repair in building maintenance has been planned. • New Aerco water heater has been installed and online as of now it appears to be working fine and have no issues. New Business As mentioned last fall, our chiller was having trouble providing enough cold water for the air conditioning. We had 7 service calls last summer, all of which were covered. Normally we have #3. Commissioning, mid-summer and shutdown. It has been suggested at the end of the cooling season we need to pull the compressor this spring and repair it. While I had them pull the magnets from the bottom of the oil tank there was a significant amount of metal shavings on the magnets which suggests compressor rebuilding. So I had Daiken to quote. $17,983.00. Most parts should be in stock or a week to 10 days away. Replacing the chiller at today’s price would be $150k and a 22 week lead time. It was also suggested to budget $20k in case the 2nd compressor is needed. Mr. Dolter and Mr. Stevens made a motion to approve the chiller repair. The motion passed unanimously. Remodel update • The Precious Engineering Savings numbers have not been fully completed, but so far originally returned to $125,604.75 is now $111,280.00. • savings (3-15) (3-16) aluminum rail on the terrace will be removed and saved (responsibility of the owners). • (3-15) (3-16) Tues The newlyweds building walls will be put up • Immediately after the asbestos crew will come in (3-21) (3-23). (responsibility of owners) • (3-21) site will be secured with silt fence and safety barriers. Ms. Frank briefed Council on the inspection and construction costs. The cost for ground and soil testing will be $7900. Ms. Webster and Ms. Becker presented a motion to approve the Cost. The motion is adopted unanimously. Ms. Ettema reported that Dubuque County’s positivity rate was down. We only have around 1,000 tests in-house. We continue to test outdated staff. We are starting to go out in the community again. Hart Blossom is scheduled to begin April 4 with open houses on 3/31 and 4/1 for our residents. Ms. Gosche presented the Treasurer’s report. The balance sheet, income statement and checks for the month of March were reviewed. Ms. Becker and Mr. Stevens presented a motion to approve the financial report and sign all cheques. The motion is adopted unanimously. Ms. Becker and Ms. Frick moved a motion to approve the FY23 budget. unanimously. New Business: • Mr. Muir has resigned from the Board of Directors. His term ends 31/12/2022. • Auxiliary is to have a burger night on 04/07 at Eagles Asbury Club being sold out, session adjourned at 11.33am Board of Directors/Sunnycrest Mansion Register of complaints from March 2022: VISA payment, $5,900.53; Crawford Company, $554.58; FEH design, $28,243.40; Johnson Controls, $727; Vrban fire, $1,720 Total payments: $37,145.51 1t 5/15

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