Dubuque Sunnycrest Manor County Hospital Monthly Board Meeting Minutes: | Legal Notice

Dubuque County Hospital Sunnycrest Mansion Monthly Board Meeting Minutes: Monday, May 9, 2022 Members Present: J. Becker, N. Webster, S. Frick and S. Frank Members Absent: K. Stevens and D. Dolter Staff Present: E. Gosche and J Henry Ms. Frank called the board meeting to order at 12:32 p.m. Tricon Update: Going down the stairs and encountering many surprises. The first phase will end. We are receiving ordered items for phase two. The asbestos removal is done. Ms. Webster and Ms. Becker presented a motion to approve the April 11, 2022 Board of Directors minutes. The motion is adopted unanimously. Administrator Update – Ms. Gosche reported the following on behalf of Ms. Ettema: • Dubuque is in high community spread for Covid so we are testing 2-3 times per week depending on vaccination status. • Census is 59 in NF and 28 in ICF/ID • Hart Blossom will have an open house May 12th. Facility Maintenance Review-M. Henry reported the following: • Chiller repair is scheduled for today, May 9th. • The condition inspection of the new Aerco water heater is scheduled for today as well. • The automatic door closer of the elevator in the maintenance building needs to be repaired. The repair cost is $1,340. • The removal of the old elevator was not included in the demonstration. The elevator company’s quote to remove it is $15,280, so maintenance will remove the elevator. • We may need to replace our shingle roof after installing the rooftop units. We will put that in the budget for the next fiscal year. Ms. Gosche presented the Treasurer’s report. The balance sheet, income statement and checks for the month of May were reviewed. Ms. Webster and Ms. Becker presented a motion to approve the financial report and sign all checks. The motion is adopted unanimously. Former company: • Ms Becker and Ms Frick have tabled a motion to appoint Tim Pancratz to the board Directors must fulfill the mandate of Mr. Muirs. The motion is adopted unanimously. • Sunrise determined that they needed 2 refrigerators and a second couch. Ms Webster and Ms Frick presented a motion to approve the purchase. The motion carried unanimously. The agenda being exhausted, the meeting closed at 1:40 p.m. Board of Directors / Sunnycrest Manor Register of complaints from May 2022: VISA payment, $32,794.40; Experienced roof, $1,032; FEH design, $1,461.60; Giese sheet, $1,770.50; Piping and Interstate Supply, $75.69; Medline, $546.60; Portzen Building, $6,381; Vrban Fire Protection, $280.42 Total Payouts: $44,342.21 1t 6/17

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