Ducommun Inc. (DCO), DLH Holdings Corp (DLHC), (PATI), Seanergy Maritime Holdings (SHIP), (TRTN) – 5 Industrials Value Stocks

What is a value stock?

A value stock is traditionally defined in terms of how investors in the market assess the future growth prospects of that company. Low P/E multiples are good basic indicators that the company is undervalued and most likely qualifies as a value stock.

Below is a list of notable value stocks in the industrials sector:

  1. Seanergy Maritime Hldgs BOAT – PER: 1.95
  2. Triton International TRTN – PER: 5.96
  3. patriot transportation PATI – PER: 4.23
  4. DLH Hldgs DLHC – PER: 9.93
  5. Ducommun COD – PER: 4.08

Seanergy Maritime Hldgs appears to be undervalued. It has an EPS of $0.04, which has not changed since the last quarter (Q1). Most recently, the company announced a dividend yield of 13.94%, up 5.61% from last quarter’s 8.33% yield.

This quarter, Triton International saw an increase in earnings per share, which was $2.76 in the first quarter and is now $2.92. The company’s most recent dividend yield sits at 4.33%, up 0.13% from 4.2% last quarter.

Patriot Transportation reported third-quarter earnings per share of $0.22, up 257.14% from the second quarter, which was -0.14. DLH Hldgs saw its earnings per share fall from 0.5 in Q2 to $0.34 now. Ducommun reported Q2 earnings per share of $0.76, which was up 13.43% from Q1, which was 0.67.

These 5 value stocks were selected by Glimpses of Benzinga based on a numerical analysis. Although this methodical judgment process is not intended to make final decisions, our technology can give investors additional insight into the sector.

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