Fourth Stimulus Check and Live Unemployment Updates: Can it Happen in September? California payment, child tax credit



First batch from california $ 600 in Golden State stimulus checks heading for the door today. (Whole story)

– Certain states will send theirs stimulus checks in September. (Which?)

Florida judge rules that state not be required To to re-establish unemployment advantages. (Whole story)

– Heads of State in Texas announce that they are going do not extend unemployment benefits spent September 6. (Whole story)

Millions in the United States are still waiting for their tax refund. (Whole story)

– Federal unemployment benefits must end on September 6, but will be New York State and others continue payments? (Whole story)

Governor of California Gavin Newsom announces that the second set of Golden State Stimulus checks will be mailed in the coming week. (Whole story)

Useful information / links

– Tax credit for the third child payment will be sent on September 15, what is the last day for opt out? (Details)

– How? ‘Or’ What many more payments for the Child tax credit this will be sent year? (Details)

– What is the proposal to Congress to regulate tax preparers? (Details)

– What pandemic programs will there be after additional unemployment benefits end? (More information)

– Key information on SNAP eligibility as well as a brief history of the program. (More information)

– When should I contact the IRS if my tax refund has not arrived? (More information)

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