How to print on campus

Art Miller

Use general access printers in Tech Spot labs to print on campus.

Forgot to print out a class assignment? Out of ink in your personal printer? Use general access printers at Tech Spot labs across campus, including the Mullins Library.

PrintSmart’s web printing lets you submit PDFs or documents from Excel, Word and PowerPoint to any Tech Spot lab printer on campus using a personal device. To retrieve a print job, scan the QR code displayed on the printer and follow the instructions. A campus VPN connection is required to access PrintSmart if you are off campus or not using the UARK Wi-Fi network.

Each semester, you can print up to the equivalent of 350 pages of single-sided black toner ($35 value) at no charge. Check your print quota status by logging in to with your UARK username and password. To increase print quota, click “Add Razorbuck$” and transfer money from Razorbuck$ to PrintSmart.

Special printing

The Student Technology Center provides access to a Xerox printer to print different formats on several types of media. The center keeps resume paper, cardstock, and tabloid paper handy, in addition to standard paper. For other types of paper, you may need to provide your own. Generally, color costs 50 cents per page, black and white costs 10 cents per page, and tabloid costs 60 cents. Special draws may be billed to you or directly to Razorbuck$.

Reduce waste

In 2021, more than 2 million pages were unclaimed from Tech Spot printers. Reduce paper waste and save money by printing only the pages you need from larger documents, books and items. You can also save paper by printing on both sides using the duplex setting in the print options.

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