Mark Farrah Associates: Simplifying Health Insurance Data Analysis with Its Improved Health Coverage Portal

MCMURRAY, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mark Farrah Associates (MFA), a leading data aggregator and publisher of health plan market data and analysis, aggregates industry metrics from statutory financial statements filed with regulators state insurance in its health coverage portal MT (HCP). Insurance companies provided medical coverage to nearly 310 million people as of March 31, 2022, based on enrollment data filed in statutory financial reports. The business group, individual, and government segments dominate the industry and market assessment is crucial to achieve this competitive edge.

Mark Farrah Associates continually strives to improve and develop its products to further simplify the analysis of health insurance business. The MFA is excited to introduce its newly enhanced Health Coverage Portal MT to provide expanded capabilities and time-saving ease of use for analyzing annual and quarterly financial data, enrollments, and industry ratios for health plans in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and US territories.

Product features include:

  • Annual/Quarterly enrollment and market share for Individual, Small Group, Large Group, ASO and Government programs grouped by Parent and Plan.

  • Income, expenses, underwriting gains or losses, administrative and medical loss ratios for commercial lines, Medicare and Medicaid.

  • Enhanced product features include:

    • Simplified design for analytical efficiency

    • Improved data filtering and display

    • More Powerful Trend Abilities

    • Visually informative dashboards

  • Constantly updated and updated to provide the most recent information available, providing unparalleled analytical support and reliable data, encompassing history from 2006 to the current quarter.

Health insurers and companies with a vested interest in the healthcare industry rely on health plan market share and financial data to assess competition and identify new business opportunities. For companies looking for comprehensive market data, MFA offers the Health Coverage Portal MTan online application that integrates National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and California Department of Managed Health Care (CA DMHC) financial statements, relevant government reports, and MFA self-insured datasets.

To find out more about the health coverage portal MT and other valuable MFA health insurance analytical tools, contact Mark Farrah Associates at 724-338-4100 or visit

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About Mark Farrah Associates (MFA)

MFA is a leading data aggregator and publisher providing health plan market data and analytical tools for the healthcare industry. Committed to simplifying the analysis of health insurance business, our products include: Health Coverage Portal™, Medicare Business Online™, Medicare Benefits Analyzer™, County Health Coverage™, Health Plans USA™ and 5500 Employer Health More. Follow us on LinkedIn!

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