NFL coaching layoffs, reactions, hiring updates: Raiders-Jim Harbaugh buzz building; Eberflus finalist for Jaguars, Bears

Day 10 of this year’s two Bears searches arrives Thursday, and the Bears don’t seem any closer to hiring their next GM than they are their next coach – especially if they want to hire the GM first, as President George McCaskey said.

The answers to the Bears’ elongated process can be found in Polian’s words.

Last week, McCaskey mentioned consultant Bill Polian’s book, “Super Bowl Blueprints,” which came out in November 2021, but a better explanation of what’s going on right now can be found in Polian’s 2014 book, “The Game Blueprint: The Art of Building a Winning Football Team.” He wrote both books with sports journalist Vic Carucci.

The second chapter of the book, “Deciding the Decision Maker”, details Polian’s 11 “guidelines for selecting the head coach”.

“Hiring the right head coach is the single most important component to building a successful football team,” Polian wrote. “Do it right, and you have a good chance of succeeding for a long time. If you get it wrong, you’ll likely find yourself backsliding quickly. It’ll cost you two things you’ll never get back: time and money.

The Bears understand this unfortunate reality better than most teams.

Here’s a look at Polian’s 11 guidelines, which Polian said he’s adjusted over the years, particularly with the salary cap, and how they apply to the Bears in the past and now. Polian knows what he wants in a coach. He could wait to hear the same from one of the Bears GM candidates.


‘The most important piece’ for Bears: Examining Bill Polian’s 11 guidelines for hiring the right coach

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