Northern Nevada HOPES Raises Money For Pediatric Patients With Gift This Christmas

RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – After a failed vacation program, the behavioral care team at Northern Nevada Hopes got to work and raised $ 8,000 to donate to pediatric patients who wouldn’t normally receive gift.

“A lot of families came from the case management department, so they worked with them on housing and different aids, and then our behavioral health, we had a lot of families,” said Cassi Levesque, behavioral health provider at NN Hopes. “All of the kids are in therapy at Northern Nevada Hopes.”

According to staff, the money was collected in two days and because it was more than expected, they were able to double the number of families.

“The families that come to Hopes are of different socio-economic status, but we have families who are really struggling,” said Levesque.

About six months ago, Jayden Fauls, 11, and his nine-year-old sister lost their father to an accidental fentanyl overdose.

“So not only does mom have a hard time providing for everyone on her own, but she’s also trying to make Christmas special for them,” Levesque said.

They are among 40 families who received a $ 200 gift card, which they said was unexpected.

“There are a lot of families who are losing family members and need help and not all of them are so lucky,” said Jayden Fauls.

Although he and his sister have a few ideas in mind with money, they don’t want to spend a lot on themselves.

“Spend it on people who can’t get freebies,” Aunika Fauls said.

$ 1,500 in donations came from the Reno Police Department (RPD).

“When we realized that there were children and families in need who were currently looking for the opportunity to help complete their own Christmas present, that was kind of our motivation,” said Brandon Cassinelli, Manager integrated resources at RPD.

Other donors include Nugget Casino, Willow Springs Center and Pepsi Co.

NN Hopes already hosts many other programs for these families and says it is special to be able to help others when needed.

For more information on the programs available or how to donate, call 775.786.4673 or click here.

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