The new program will serve as a “one-stop-shop” for veterans seeking mental health care, financial services, and more.

Funding for the new program comes from a $2.72 million grant from the state Department of Human Services. Last year’s Colorado Senate Bill 129 called for the creation of a program specifically to address suicide among veterans in El Paso County. McCabe said right now there are enough funds to last through the middle of 2025, serving 700 veterans and their families.

The program is only available to residents of El Paso County, but McCabe said anyone seeking care will receive help. Other partners in the effort include the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center and Colorado Springs NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to support family members.

“As a community, our history with the Department of Defense, the military and veterans goes back 60 years or more and we need to reinvigorate the nature of that relationship in terms of understanding the challenges veterans and their families face. face when transitioning from military life,” he said.

“(We want) to use this history and use this relationship to build capacity, to help our veterans and their families be healthier, but also to be able to be more successful.”

A “call to action” campaign on the program will be launched in July and will include several different TV spots, online messages, podcasts, direct mail and community advertising on public transport and other spaces. rally in El Paso County.

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